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Earthquake Haiti 2010

Earthquake Haiti


  What is Rescue Alerts?  

Rescue Alerts allows anyone to search for missing persons, provide information about a missing person and locate missing persons using Rescue Alerts GPS™ locator anywhere in the world using the Rescue Alerts locator map during an emergency or natural disaster.   If you are injured,  lost or without the ability to communicate, separated during a disaster, your love ones can find you, notify emergency response services and send help directly to where you or your loved ones are anywhere in the world at anytime.

Rescue Alerts provides a 24/7/365 days a year communication system in the event you find yourself, friends or family members in any emergency or a natural disaster; a time when communication with those you love and those who love you is essential.

Rescue Alerts offers a free user-based system that allows you to simultaneously and automatically communicate via the internet, cell phones and standard telephone systems  to loved ones, friends and family anyplace in the world that you add to your personal Rescue Alerts emergency” contact list.  All set up for free on this site in less than 5 minutes.

Are You Prepared For A Disaster?

Disaster or emergencies can strike at any time and any place without warning. Rescue Alerts allows you to be ready the next time an emergency occurs. Create your own custom Rescue Alerts emergency preparedness kits or use our wide range of packaged Rescue Alerts kits, that include the Rescue Alerts GPS locator devices and other essential items needed to survive and communicate durning an emergency or disaster. The simple steps you take to prepare now will go a long way towards keeping you, your family, and your property safe during an emergency when a disaster strikes.

Mission Statement:

Connecting in the midst of disaster.

Site Summary:

Sign Up Page
Use this page to setup your emergency alert contacts. This will allow you to send instant text alerts, e-mails or voice messages to your family and loved ones to let them know you are ok and how to contact you during any emergency or disaster.
Contacts Page
This page provides international emergency contact information for Fire, Police and Emergency services for all the countries around the world. 
Send Alerts Page This page allows all registered users to send alert messages simultaneously to their emergency contact list.
People Finder Page Use this page if you are looking for someone or have information about a missing person. This page allows anyone to search or create missing person search records. This page can also contains the world wide Rescue Alerts GPS locator™ map and can be used in locating your loved one(s) after an emergency or a disaster.
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